Reduce calories without hungerStruggling to stick to your daily calorie limit? Battling hunger pains and longing for a big meal? Here are some super easy ways to reduce your calorie intake and make your diet more sustainable, without sacrificing satisfaction. Make these tips habit and you’ll find eating fewer calories becomes second nature!

1 – Swap your drinks for healthier alternatives. If you’re used to sipping on soda or sugary juice, replace these with sparkling water, hot or iced tea, or coffee. If you drink a lot if soda thsi could save you hundreds of calories per day If you miss the taste, try diluting your favourite juice with fizzy water, or at a push switch to diet versions or your favourite pop. This works with alcohol too – swap calorific beer and wine for spirits with soda. The best drink of all? Plain water, perhaps with a bit of lemon or cucumber if you’re feeling adventurous! Drinking a big glass of water before meals can also help you feel fuller sooner and reduce the amount of food you eat – so bring on the H20!

2 – Add bulk. In most recipes it’s easy to add extra veggies, to fill you up quicker without too many extra calories. For example, add lots of spinach and tomatoes to your pasta, apples to your porridge, and plenty of chopped mushrooms to chilis and pies. There’s always an opportunity to increase the amount of vegetables in your meals, and it’s great both for your health and your waistline as the extra fibre will help you to feel full with less.You can also bulk most recipes up with water – for example, your awesome chili recipe can become a yummy spicy bean and vegetable stew by adding a few cups of water and a tad extra seasoning – you get the same delicious flavour for far fewer calories!

3 – Use smaller dishes and utensils, and take your time. You’ve probably heard this before, but it really does work, and so many people don’t do it! Try eating your dinner off a side plate, use smaller bowls, and serve food with smaller spoons to cut your food intake by up to 30% – without even realising! Eat slowly and enjoy each tiny mouthful  to avoid going back for seconds 😀

4 – Avoid sugar, and simple carbs in general. Eating a lot of sweets or refined carbohydrates like white bread causes your blood sugar level to spike and then quickly crash, leaving you hungrier than before! Replace all white carbs with their wholemeal equivalents to avoid this effect and make you feel fuller for the same amount of calories. A little sugar or refined carbohydrate isn’t too dreadful if it’s only an occasional indulgence – but many people find that they struggle to stop eating these kinds of foods once they’ve started. A safer route is to save sugary treats for for special occasions only, and make wholegrain a habit. For those of you who just can’t get by without a sweet fix, a square or two of dark chocolate or a perfectly ripe peach can be just as satisfying.

Not sure how many calories you should be eating per day to reach your goal weight? Use our weight loss calculator to figure out how many calories you need each day.

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