Caffeine burns caloriesWho wants to spend half their life in the gym just to enjoy the occasional bowl of ice cream? Although exercise is awesome and has lots of health benefits, if you’re trying to lose weight it’s not a deciding factor – you’d have to run for an hour to cancel out that pizza! But never fear – if you’re lazy like me, there are some super easy ways to burn more calories every day, without hitting the gym.

1 – Drink tea and coffee. Caffeine can increase your metabolic rate by between 3 and 11 percent – and best of all, most of that increase is caused by increased fat burning. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, so grab a cup of joe!

2 – Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water each day, up to 2 litres – this burns nearly 100 extra calories a day, and provides numerous other health benefits – including ensuring that you don’t confuse thirst with hunger. 100 calories a day may not sound like much, but that could mean losing more then ten pounds in a year, even if you did nothing else!

3 – Stay cool – shivering can increase your metabolic rate by up to five times! The problem is that being cold enough to shiver is really very unpleasant. Fortunately, you can get some of the same calorie burning effect by just being mildly cold, as 17.7ºC or 64ºF will do the trick – increasing your calorie burn by up to 30%.

4 – Fidgeting can burn up to 350 extra calories a day – but it can be tough to fidget ‘on purpose’ if you’re not naturally restless. However, you can make yourself more fidgety by implementing some really simple lifestyle changes – if you work at a desk, replace your chair with an exercise ball to keep your core muscles working all day. You could even make a habit of playing music while you work, and bob along to the tunes! Set an alarm and once every hour, get up and move around.

5 – Stand and deliver! Stand up at every chance you get. Standing burns up to 15% more calories than sitting, so stand up on the metro, stand up while you talk on the phone, stand up at every chance you get! You could even try using a standing desk to burn extra calories all day long.

6 – Build calorie burning into your lifestyle. This is the big one, that’ll have the greatest effect on your weight loss. Build a life for yourself that makes it easy to burn calories every day, whether that’s selling your car and buying a bicycle, getting a dog, changing jobs or moving closer to your workplace so you can walk every day. Plan activities that get you moving – instead of meeting a friend for coffee, get it to go and take a walk around the park. Start your BBQ with a game of badminton. Play darts or pool at the pub. Always take the stairs. Little changes really add up 🙂

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