Green Tea and Weight Loss. A Great Team.

Exercise and dieting aren’t for everyone. I know that in my case I find that they are incredibly easy to start and even easier to give up after a day or so. With that in mind, I have to look for all the help that I can get. Thankfully some of that help comes in the form of one of my favourite hot beverages. Green tea. Green tea is an ideal drink for those wishing to lose weight and has a number of other positive health benefits that should make it a dead cert for your shopping cart next time … Continue reading

Fantastic Food Combos.

Once you have used the ultimate weight loss-calculator to determine how many calories you need to consume to reach your weight loss goal you will need some ideas on how to prepare those calories. We are not all culinary geniuses and a little help can go a long way towards making your calorie controlled diet tasty, interesting and, most importantly, do-able. Matching food together is a skill and knowing what foods to eat alongside each other is a great help in creating satisfying dishes that can aid weight loss. You can find 14 fantastic ideas for food combinations at the link below … Continue reading

Eat Legumes, Lose Weight.

Alternatively titled ‘Weightlosium Legumeiosa’ for any Harry Potter fans. A great addition to any calorie controlled diet are legumes. They are incredibly versatile, easy to use and, more often than not, delicious. Legumes are a great source of dietary fibre which can help keep our bowels healthy and also soluble fibre which can help lower cholesterol. Most legumes are very high in protein, have large amounts of B group vitamins, are low in saturated fat and will keep you feeling full for longer. Best of all, they are usually incredibly cheap. Perfect if you are on a budget or just prefer spending … Continue reading

How Weight Loss Changes After Middle Age.

As you get older things start to change. There is no escaping that. It’s a fact. You might, for instance, notice a few extra hairs on your pillow in the morning (me), you may have to strain a little bit to read the small print (me) and maybe you’ll notice that you are carrying an extra cm or 2 around your waistline (also me, this isn’t really a good day for me!). Fortunately the more you know about these changes the better prepared you are to react to them and the less impact they will have on your life. Fortunately … Continue reading

How many calories should you eat to lose weight?

Answering this question is what the weight loss calculator is all about! Here’s how to use it effectively to figure out the best calorie limit for your goals. Remember, although it may be tempting to eat 20 calories a day and reach your goal next week, it’s neither healthy nor sustainable. What’s the point of losing the weight super quickly if you pile it straight back on again? It’s pointless, depressing, and downright dangerous. So, what’s a good number to aim for? The recommended daily calorie intake for average women is 2000 calories to maintain your weight and 1500 to … Continue reading

Calories and Macronutrients – does it matter what type of calories you eat?

Does the type of food you eat matter when you’re counting calories? To a certain extent, calories are king. If you burn more than you consume, you will lose weight. However, it’s not completely straightforward – the type of food that you eat does matter, and eating certain kinds of food whilst avoiding others can be a hugely powerful tactic if you’re trying to lose weight.   Calories A calorie is just a unit of energy – the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1kg of water by 1ºC, to be exact. That’s it – it’s just … Continue reading

3 tips to maintain weight loss after counting calories

For many people, losing weight is the easy part – it’s keeping it off that’s the problem! Transitioning from counting calories every day to weight maintenance mode can be a struggle – after all, who wants to keep track of their calorie intake ever day for the rest of their lives? But if you stop counting calories, won’t the weight just creep back on? Here are some useful strategies for maintaining your weight loss after counting calories. 1 – Lose the weight slowly and healthily in the first place! If you crash diet and restrict your calories too much, keeping the … Continue reading

6 easy ways to burn more calories every day – without exercise or dieting!

Caffeine burns calories

Who wants to spend half their life in the gym just to enjoy the occasional bowl of ice cream? Although exercise is awesome and has lots of health benefits, if you’re trying to lose weight it’s not a deciding factor – you’d have to run for an hour to cancel out that pizza! But never fear – if you’re lazy like me, there are some super easy ways to burn more calories every day, without hitting the gym. 1 – Drink tea and coffee. Caffeine can increase your metabolic rate by between 3 and 11 percent – and best of … Continue reading

Should you lose weight by counting calories? Pros and cons of calorie counting explained.

People have been losing weight by counting calories since the turn of the 20th century – but of the many different ways to diet, is calorie counting right for you? Here are some pros and cons of the method to help you decide. PRO It really works. For many people, calculating how many calories they need to consume to lose weight at a certain rate, then sticking to that number like glue, is the only way they’ve been able to reach their weight loss goals. CON Calories aren’t everything – you still need to be aware of the quality of … Continue reading

4 hacks to stick to your diet when the going gets tough.

How to resist temptation when cutting calories

Are you longing for pizza or ice cream? Craving cake, cookies or camembert? Sticking to your calorie limits can be really tough when you’re hungry and your favourite food is calling to you, especially if you’ve been good all week – one bite won’t hurt, right? While it’s true that a little bit of what you fancy doesn’t hurt, if you find yourself exceeding your daily calories on a regular basis, it’s probably doing you more harm than good. But how to resist temptation? 1 – Put it off. Promise yourself that if you still want that muffin in an hour, … Continue reading