Alternatively titled ‘Weightlosium Legumeiosa’ for any Harry Potter fans.

A great addition to any calorie controlled diet are legumes. They are incredibly versatile, easy to use and, more often than not, delicious. Legumes are a great source of dietary fibre which can help keep our bowels healthy and also soluble fibre which can help lower cholesterol. Most legumes are very high in protein, have large amounts of B group vitamins, are low in saturated fat and will keep you feeling full for longer. Best of all, they are usually incredibly cheap. Perfect if you are on a budget or just prefer spending your money on things more exciting than food.

Legumes come in all shapes and sizes (well, they all mostly look the same but they are different colours) including the chickpea, the lentil, and my own personal favourite, the black bean. Now, some of these legumes will be better for you than others and if you are interested in finding out which 7 are the best to eat whilst losing weight you should read the article below. The article explains exactly why these are the best legumes for you to eat and will hopefully give you some fantastic ideas for tonight’s dinner!

7 Legumes You Cannot Ignore Because Of Their Weight Loss Aid Properties.

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