We’re back and ready to go!

Technical issues have been an absolute pain of late but thankfully, hopefully, all of that is behind us now. Everything should be back to normal and there will finally be someone taking a more active role in the running of the blog.

Thank you to everyone who is using the calculator and if you notice any more ‘gremlins’ in the system, please let me know in the comments section (I’ll be reading that more often now as well, promise). As well as any issues you (hopefully won’t) notice, please let me know if there are any improvements you would like to see implemented on the website. ANy constructive criticism or advice will be well received and certainly, at least, considered.


2 Replies to “We are back!

    1. Hi Kayla, If you click on the ‘imperial version’ button at the top of the page you should find what you are looking for (I think/hope).

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